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Friday, September 14, 2012

IWO - International Women's Organization: The Original

Time flies whether you're having fun or not. We're looking forward to our October meeting, 3rd. We'll  meet at Seasons 53 in the St. John's Town Center. And it will be Christmas in no time. Dread the thought!

Lynda from Ireland sent me this link here yesterday asking if I was a member of this club. Yes, I was! Apparently, they are still going strong.
King John's Castle, Limerick

Indeedie, I was a member there for 6 years .This gave me the idea to start one of my own here in Jacksonville when I couldn't find one.
A couple of photos from this year's trip to Germany: 

  In Krakau on the lake in Meck-Pomm.

  From our balcony in the Black Forest

             Typical architecture in Strasbourg just across the border into France.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Happy May and Mother's Day!

Sorry I missed our last meeting. So glad we had a good turn-out in spite of technical problems with my email. Thanks to Alicia who always jumps in to help out! Our next meeting is a few weeks away, but I'm announcing it here already : June 6th at our new and obviously popular venue Seasons 52.

Just wanted to show you two more photos of Germany where we're going for our next home swaps. You have the address in case you want to follow our steps again:www.Intrepidhomeswappers.blogspot.com.
Season 2!

That's on the Baltic Sea in what used to be the former East or GDR. And this is the house we're moving into for 3 weeks.
In the meantime, have a good month of May and happy Mother's Day!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

March Luncheon

Spring has sprung and that should be the end of cold nights (while they are still freezing in most of our home countries...:) Our March luncheon should be very nice affair at a new venue.
Lynda and I followed Heather's advice and tested a really nice restaurant, almost in the same location where we were in the St. John's Town Center: Seasons 52. I only knew its dinner menu.
I hope they'll have something for everyone. When we were there they were surprisingly busy. Why surprising? Because it was mid-week.
They booked us in for Wednesday next week, March 7th...and every other month till July. I told them to hold it...We'll be the judge of that. Room is no problem, neither is parking. Here is its website, address and directions.
We'll meet as usual at 11.30 for a sit-down at high noon. Bring a friend, use those cards I'm always so busily printing. Don't forget to book a seat.
See you all there and then!