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Our social club is waiting for you: ladies born on foreign shores who now live in or near Jacksonville, FL - close enough to attend our monthly luncheons.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Can't believe it's November!

Heard that several times today. Yes, Christmas is creeping up on us again. We've been getting together for 11 years now! And our 4th year at Brio is drawing to a close.
We had a great turn-out today, service was impeccable, food great (as far as I've been told). No complaints! Au contraire, compliments to the restaurant today.
A special welcome to 3 new ladies: Ulla from Germany, another Margarita from Mexico - we have 2 now! and to Mavis from the UK. A Danish lady, Birte?, approached us and wants to join us next time...coming from Brunswick, GA! And we're expecting Annedore from Germany again who will visit here with Petra for a while.
Hand out the new cards that I brought today to other new prospects, please. The more the merrier! Even though it will be our December = Christmas meeting, there will be no extra or special activity like exchanging gifts or party games which were suggested. You may dress Christmassy if you like, though 👍.If somebody has photos, please send them to me.
See you next month in Brio.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Dear Ladies!
Yet another year has passed. Our lunch club has been in existence for 10 years now! We average about 20 members who join us each month. And by members I just mean friends who like a good meal and a chat. Some of you have become good friends. It's always nice to chat with women from your own country, isn't it?
Recently I posted a number of photos of our members on our Facebook site. If you are an Expat from anywhere in the world you are most welcome to join us every first Wednesday of the month at Brio Tuscan Grille in The Town Center of Jacksonville. You will find directions there how to get to that restaurant. There is no other obligation, no membership fee, no kitty for...Just a friendly social.
Please pass it on to any other Expat you know and invite her.
Just ordering new flags for our latest members from Russia, Moldova and Panama. The more - the merrier!
Best wishes for another successful year of great socializing!