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Friday, March 5, 2010

Who we are

We are a bunch of about 20 Expat women in Jax who meet on the 1st Wednesday a month for lunch to chat, exchange views, and meet other women of other countries in a similar situation. Some of us are married to Americans, some of us have been here for a long time; others came here with their spouses, sometimes only for a few years. We enjoy making new friends from different cultures while we are away from our own country. Over the three years that this club has been in existence, we have grown by word of mouth. Now we have business cards with the club's details to invite other women-- usually when we hear different accents.
We have our little flags on the table to give our luncheons that extra bit of flair-- and as a landmark to spot us in the restaurant. We currently meet in Gigi's, the restaurant of the Ramada Inn. See directions>>>
We usually start at 11.30 Am and stay until they kick us out at 2PM.
Our league of nations consists of Brits, Germans, Spanish, Australian, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Canadian, Belgian, Dutch, etc... Our Swiss friend moved to Hawaii and started her own club there.
So if you want to make new interesting friends, women of the world, do pay us a visit and join us for our next meeting on April 7, 2010. Same time--same place. Do come along and check it out!
I'd like to know in advance who is coming and send invitations out the week before in order to book the table for us. Drop me a line if you plan on coming so that I can count you in and have a place reserved for you.
There are no other obligations, no dues etc. There may be other social activities once we've grown big enough and the request for that comes up.
See you there!
Sigrun Buckley

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