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Friday, September 9, 2011

We're growing -without any growing pains

Last Wednesday we had a terrific turn-out for our monthly lunch group. There were four new ladies with the French contingent growing more than any other country at the moment. And of course, our tiny twins were in attendance even though they slept through the whole fun again. How does she do it? I wish I had could have fed mine some of whatever they are getting!
With a little cooler autumn temperatures, the weather was gorgeous and we sat outside which most people enjoy most in this restaurant (Blackfinn). They are really welcoming and accommodating, considering they had to add two tables on the spur of the moment.
Stories about summer trips were swapped and photos shared. I'd like some here too, please. My home swapping adventure naturally got some interest: Will I do it again? If you're interested in going this route in preparing for a value for money vacation, ask me which website we had subscribed to. Some regular members are still away, one on a trip to Alaska and others in their first residences.
Our next meeting for which I expect new ladies as well (we met them inside) will take place on Wed, October 5. The table is already booked. But please, please let me know how many of you're coming. It may be a bit more problematic inside to add on tables.
Here is a picture where two of our members, hailing from AUS and E went to Berlin together and St. Petersburg.

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